Good Morning to All of You.


Durable Printing.

What is it ?

For Définition : 

It’s the possiblilty to print in a guaranted environemental process. It’s to work with recycled paper, with ecological inks, and with labelled sites. It is to be aware of sustainable development issues.

In Practice :

The most durable printing is the printing which doesn’t exist.
Otherwise it’s the shortest, which corresponds only to the strictly necessary part.
It is also well to printing on recyclable materials with environmentally friendly inks or carbon compensation.

Our Little Contribution :

Here are three pieces of information that we deliver to your wisdom, you can leave your comments on our contact form or by email.
We draw your attention to printing web pages on the default printer; it’s a real big problem. 

Virtual Default Printer

The generalization of default virtual printers is essential.
They make PDF Files, kike doPDFPDFCreatorCutePDFpdfFactory Pro …..
There are also condenced printers (2 pages in 1) Fineprint …..

Virtual Printer On Line


Economical Truetype Font


Corporation, low prices, if you know of any free opensource solutions, thank you to send us information for the good of all.

Thank you for your attention.

A soon.

December 16, 2013